Our Patient Care Specialist duties begin when you check your pet into Mountain View Animal Hospital & Holistic Pet Care and ends when you begin the checkout process. Our Patient Care Specialists may lead you to the exam room, record vital sign and ensure accurate medical notes. After your pet has been seen by a Veterinarian or Licensed Veterinary Technician , the Patient Care team member may be responsible for explaining medications or aid Veterinarians in diagnostic testing.

The Patient Care Specialist team member’s primary focus is your pet, under the supervision of a Veterinarian or Licensed Veterinarian Technician. There duties largely depend on your pet’s needs. This team is the behind-the-scene workhorses of our practice. Under Veterinarian supervision they may have to change a pet’s bandages, collect bodily fluids for testing, document a pet’s behaviors and ensure that hospital rooms and operating rooms are up to standard, with fresh linens, supplies and sanitation.

Emily Kennel – Pharmacy Tech / Inventory Manager

“To strive to not only assist the treatment area, but to keep gaining knowledge in all areas of the hospital so that I am available to help wherever it is needed. To stay on top of my assigned tasks, keep my strengths strong, and improve my weaknesses. To be the best version of myself for my coworkers.”

Max Meehan

“To give our doctors the capable help they need in order to provide the very best care for our patients. To work alongside my colleagues in a professional, respectful, and eternally optimistic manner. To instill in our clients a sense of security and confidence that their pets are in caring and skillful hands, and continue to learn and thrive every day!”


Sarah Tateosian- Pharmacy Tech

“To provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our patients and residents. I also want to offer communication and honesty with all our clients, and to provide a positive, supportive and fun atmosphere with all the staff at Mountain View Animal Hospital.”


Marissa Moody

“To love and support anyone and anything who come through the doors of this excellent hospital managed by the best team!”

Savanah Gabel

“To spread love and light in every possible way.”

Brayden Ormachea

“Care and provide for all animals equally. Excel at my job and maintain positive work conditions / work relationships.”

Monica Janusz

“To gain experience and knowledge in every form, from working with the animals, to the clients, and also the vets and clinical staff.”

Courtney Flippin

“To provide love, dedication, care and attention to each and every patient that comes into my care with enthusiasm and passion. I promise to treat every client with respect and patience, and to make them feel as comfortable as possible when leaving their beloved animal in our care. I also promise to support and aid my co-workers as much as possible so that we can work together as a team.”

Kristy Gilbert

“To bring more happiness to everyone I meet by showing the love and compassion every person and animal needs.”




Hannah Guenza

“I aim to be a reliable assistant for pet parents to talk to when contacting our hospital. I strive to work hard for our clients, our staff and myself.”