Your Pet’s “Home Away From Home!


Our Professional Daycare and Lodging Staff:

Tessa Tigert, Kennel & Boarding Manager

“To continue to grow and lead our team with positivity, compassion and patience, while providing the care and knowledge our clients and patients need.”







Susie Jensen, Behavioral Specialist and Certified Massage Therapist

“To treat all dogs in my care with respect, patience and love. To help and support both dogs and their owners in any way I can to improve their lives and relationships. To be an inspiration and support to my coworkers and our team.”


Amanda Tigert – Pet Resort Specialist

“To provide a welcoming home for all of our patients as well as a comfortable working environment for my coworkers. To reach my goals in an efficient time frame and help others around me and our hospital best the best they can be.”









Courtney Flippin – Pet Resort Specialist

“To provide love, dedication, care and attention to each and every patient that comes into my care with enthusiasm and passion. I promise to treat every client with respect and patience, and to make them feel as comfortable as possible when leaving their beloved animal in our care. I also promise to support and aid my co-workers as much as possible so that we can work together as a team.”


Nikki Hood – Pet Resort Specialist

“To provide a loving, safe and compassionate place for all patients, clients and team members at Mountain View Animal Hospital with consistent hard work, and an everlasting passion to learn and grow.”










Tyler Bell – Pet Resort Specialist

“To create an idyllic environment for patients, clients and coworkers alike. I aspire to always further both my knowledge of veterinary medicine and the quality of care given to every pet during their visit.


Jaqueline Forster – Pet Resort Specialist

Vision Statement coming soon







Sarah Tateosian  – Pet Resort Specialist & Client Services Specialist

“To provide a safe and nurturing environment for all of our patients and residents. I also want to offer communication and honesty with all our clients, and to provide a positive, supportive and fun atmosphere with all the staff at Mountain View Animal Hospital.”


Marissa Moody

-Picture and Vision Statement coming soon –


We designed our supervised play areas to make your pet feel as if they are at home and our ample outdoor space allows for running, exercise and just plain old fun!

Boarding Cabins and Daycare

Mountain View Animal Hospital & Holistic Pet Care’s boarding and daycare was designed to create a fun, stress free environment for your pets while they are in our care. Veterinary professionals are available to address any medical needs your animal may have. Supervised play areas exist that make your pet feel as if they are at home!

The all indoor boarding suites have natural lighting; this allows your pet to maintain natural day time and night time biorhythms. This feature markedly decreases stress and anxiety. In order to decrease airborne transmission of disease, the boarding area is designed with a sophisticated ventilation system that exchanges the air three times per hour, maintaining a constant ambient room temperature.

All dogs are allowed supervised playtime during the day so they will enjoy their time with us. Our experienced dog handlers can customize your pet’s stay with us and address your pet’s specific needs. Rest assured that your pet’s playtime will be fun and safe!

Meow Meadow Lodge

Mountain View Animal Hospital & Holistic Pet Care has created an exclusive boarding facility for your feline companions. It features three story kitty condos able to house up to three members of the same household.

This CAT ONLY boarding offers a sunlit, play and exercise area with window view that will make your cats feel like they are at home.

Your kitty will be able to rest or play in an environment that is fun and safe!

What to Expect


In order to protect the health of your pet, this facility requires documentation showing that all boarding dogs have current Rabies, DA2PP, and Bordetella vaccines, and cats have current Rabies and FVRCP vaccines. If any of your pets’ vaccinations are past due, they must be inoculated before boarding. Vaccines that must be administered at Mountain View or by a licensed Veterinarian working with this facility will be added to your bill. Pets that are so young that they have not completed their entire series of vaccinations may not yet be protected and, thus, owners accept any risks of infection. Pets that are using vaccine titers in lieu of vaccinations must have current titers on file and owners accept any risk of infection.


We feed Purina EN chicken and rice (canned/dry) to our boarders according to their weight, to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. If you choose to bring your own food, for each pet, please indicate the food to be fed and then specify whether your pet eats dry food only, canned food only, or both, and the number of times your pet is fed each day.


If your pet will be receiving medication during his or her stay, it must be in the original veterinary-labeled container with instructions for administration and your veterinarian’s phone number. Fees for medicating the pets or that need to be filled or refilled during the time your pet is boarded will be added to your bill.