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Behavioral Consult Information

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Behavioral Consultation Client Consent

I am requesting a consultation with Dr. Ashley Redshaw, a Behavior Counselor, to discuss available behavior modifications and medication options for my pet. The consultation may include discussing at-home behavior, anxiety, body language, exercise, and how to monitor your pet’s behavior. I understand Dr. Redshaw is a certified Behavior Counselor with an extensive background and education in a fear-free approach and understanding pets’ behavioral needs. Further, I understand Nevada Veterinary Board Medical laws require my pet to be evaluated within 12 months of my initial consultation with Dr. Redshaw by a licensed Veterinarian. If I am not an established patient of Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care, I understand my primary veterinarian must submit all Pertinent Medical Records and a Veterinarian Referral Form before I may be scheduled.

I understand that the information I receive during my behavioral consultation may be accompanied by appointments with a recommended trainer. In addition, a recheck with Dr. Redshaw may be required to follow up on medications and modifications made during the initial consult.

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