Holistic Veterinarian Techniques: Acupuncture for Diabetes Mellitus

There are 2 types of diabetes mellitus, type-1 and type-2, with the former being produced by the decreased production of insulin due to disorders of the pancreatic β-cells, while the latter is caused by the disorder of the regulation of blood glucose concentrations due to reduced release of insulin and also decreased sensitivity to insulin. [...]

Holistic Veterinarian Techniques: Acupuncture for the Treatment of Asthma (Part 1)

In animals and humans, asthma is a common chronic disease with a multi-factorial etiology and only partially understood mechanism. Most of the currently available treatments, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants, do not prevent, and in most cases inhibit, the natural progression of asthma. Therefore many asthma sufferers (both animal and human) turn to [...]

Holistic Veterinarian Techniques: Acupuncture for the Treatment of Asthma (Part 2)

Asthma is the result of inflammation of the airways that subsequently leads to bronchoconstriction and airway hyper-responsiveness. Several studies have reported that acupuncture treatment has an immunomodulatory effect (via inflammatory cells and cytokines) in asthma. Previous research dealing with asthma and acupuncture has indicated that acupuncture down-regulates the expression of pro-inflammatory proteins and up-regulates the [...]

Holistic Veterinary Techniques: Acupuncture & Chronic Pain in Canines

Although the assessment and management of acute pain in animals has advanced considerably, chronic pain is still underestimated and, therefore, under treated, because the diagnosis is complex and treatment is limited (1). Validated tools have been developed for evaluation of acute (2) and chronic pain (3-6), and although acute pain is well-evaluated by veterinarians (2), [...]

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