Holistic Veterinary Practice Series: #6. Ozone Reduces Inflammation

It’s simple, Ozone reduces inflammation in your Pet…..and You! Inflammation is medically defined as a localized reaction that produces redness, warmth, swelling, and pain as a result of infection, irritation, or injury. Inflammation can be external or internal. Ozone alters immune function by causing controlled oxidation (a reaction in which the atoms [...]

Holistic Veterinary Techniques: Ozone as a Medicine

After nearly five decades characterized by empiricism and several pitfalls, some of the basic mechanisms of action of ozone in pulmonary toxicology and in veterinary medicine have been clarified. We now understand that prolonged inhalation of ozone can be very dangerous first for the lungs and successively for the whole organism. However, in veterinary medicine [...]

Holistic Veterinary Practices: Ozone, Theory and Perspective

The newest scientific literature provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and recommending ozone therapy as a first choice in some veterinary procedures and diseases and in combination with orthodox veterinary therapy in many others. One important characteristic of ozone therapy is that, in comparison to other holistic approaches, it can be experimentally verified both at [...]

Holistic Veterinary Techniques: Ozone and Postoperative Pain

Since all analgesics (pain killers) currently available for use in dogs have been associated with some adverse effects, the search for an effective analgesic that does not cause harm to the dog is important. THE STUDY A recent study investigated the postoperative analgesic effects of ozone administered either intrarectally or into acupoints in bitches undergoing [...]

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