• Preventative Teeth Cleaning and Oral Assessment (PTCA) Consent Form

    A PTCA involves a non-anesthetic procedure performed by a dental hygienist (veterinary nurse) that works for Animal Dental Care Co. Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care employs Animal Dental Care Services and is not affiliated with company.

  • A PTCA is to help pets improve their oral hygiene in a non-invasive manner. Although we believe this is a powerful method to prevent anesthesia when not necessary in our patients, a PTCA has significant limitations. 

    Limitations of a Non-Anesthetic PTCA:

    1. In our pets, unlike adult humans, radiographs can not be taken without anesthesia. Radiographs are the only way to evaluate for tooth root disease such as tooth root abscesses, tooth root fractures, tooth root cavities or other tooth root disease. Because pets often hide their dental pain until severe, without radiographs, we may miss severe dental disease and/or pain that your pet is silently harboring. Anesthesia allows relaxation for the pet and jaw for proper radiographs to be taken.

    2. Causes of dental pain can not be fixed, only evaluated through a PTCA. Dental pain can come from fractured teeth, mobile teeth, cavities, tooth root abscesses, etc. If a tooth needs root cleaning, specific treatment and/or extraction, this can only be done under anesthesia. The veterinary hygienist will make any recommendations for anesthesia if felt necessary once the mouth is evaluated.

    3. A PTCA can only clean so far into the gingival gumline. When large / deep pockets are noted, the infection may be difficult to remove with an awake or even sedated patient.

  • PTCA's are highly controversial in the world of veterinary medicine. Many average veterinary hospitals do not see the benefit of this procedure as it does not include radiographs. Because of this, the medical board has tight regulations on veterinary hospitals that offer this service. There are several regulations that we are responsible to tell you.

    American Association and Medical Board Requirements for a PTCA:

    1. The American Veterinary Medical Board and American Dental Association recommends every pet to undergo anesthesia once yearly to perform dental radiographs and deep gingival cleaning.

    2. Nevada Veterinary Medical Board requires an annual exam to be performed with a Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care doctor to receive any services, treatments or products/medicines including a PTCA at our hospital.

    3. The annual exam establishes a relationship, evaluates health status and ensures there is no gross observations that would prohibit a patient from receiving a PTCA. In addition, medications to help sedate / relax patient during the procedure can be discussed. If the pet is found able to proceed safely with the PTCA procedure, during the PTCA procedure additional teeth / gum disease may prohibit the veterinary nurse from completing the PTCA as it may be painful for the pet.

    4. If the pet is showing signs of pain, anxiety or distress, the veterinary nurse will stop. At that time the significance of dental / gum disease may be discussed with the owner and recommendations to proceeds with a anesthetized dental may be recommended or request or sedation may be desired. In the case the veterinary nurse can not clean the mouth fully, only the sedation should be charged.

    5. You will receive a reminder yearly based upon regulations and recommendations by the American Veterinary Association to perform anesthetized dental cleanings. You may discuss the risk and benefits of anesthesia in your individual pet on your annual exams or sooner if necessary.

  • You may request an estimate for a dental cleaning with appropriate treatment options if your pet is found to have one of the dental health concerns above that limit him/her from completing a PTCA treatment and/or for your pets annual anesthetized dental cleaning. If you have a preferred doctor at Mountain View, you may request the dental be scheduled with them.

  • Risks of this procedure may include soreness of the gums, respiratory infections or unidentified tooth root disease that is only visible with radiography (X-Rays). Please contact us immediately if you notice lethargy, coughing, decreased appetite or a painful mouth after your procedure. 

  • By signing this document, you are consenting for your pet to receive a PTCA, are stating that you understand the difference between an anesthetized dental versus a PTCA, the benefits and risks of the procedure and current Nevada State Laws. You have been given the opportunity to ask additional questions regarding the procedure.

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