Integrative and Holistic  Veterinary Medicine encompasses many modalities that bring the body into balance. Through balance comes wellness and healing. The methods are peaceful and non-invasive. Treatment involves treating the cause, not the symptoms. By treating the root cause the animal can heal. Unfortunately many medications suppress symptoms but rarely address the root cause. If the cause is not addressed, then the disease will reappear as soon as drugs are discontinued, creating a reliance on medication. Alternatively when symptoms are suppressed and the energetic imbalance ignored, then deeper and potentially worse diseases can manifest. Holistic medicine assesses the body as a whole and not independent parts. If all of the “parts” can work together, then the body can heal itself. There are many modalities that are considered Integrative and Holistic. The treatment modalities that we offer at our ƒHolistic Referral Center are: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Ozone, Prolozone, Gold Bead, Nutrition, Massage, Laser Therapy, and Orthopedic Manipulation.

If you feel that your patient could benefit from any of the procedures listed above, or if you have questions regarding specifics of the treatment, safety, efficacy and cost, please feel free to call our Holistic Referral Center at 775-853-6002. Our specially trained Veterinarians will be happy to answer all of your questions.