Herbal therapies have been used by Asian cultures for centuries as a first line of defense against illness. Even today, herbal apothecaries abound in China and are used by the population to address every day maladies ranging from digestion issues to viral issues, arthritis to emotional issues. More advanced modalities such as acupuncture and western therapies are sought if resolution of the primary complaint has not occurred.

At Holistic Pet Care, herbal therapies are incorporated in the treatment plans for virtually every medical condition that is encountered. Herbals are safe and have few side effects; an occasional animal may have digestive issues which resolve quickly when the herbs are withdrawn. Herbal medications often are used to prevent side effects if western medications are needed to treat a medical condition. Herbals enhance the effects of acupuncture, allowing the patient to be seen less frequently. Analysis of the tongue and pulse, as in acupuncture evaluation, as well as the clinical signs that are present, determine the herb to be used. Finally, the use of herbal therapies does not require frequent blood enzyme evaluations, because there toxicity is so low. Western medications have serious side effects at times and require blood work at frequent intervals to determine if liver or kidney issues are starting because of the medication.

In recent years, the use of herbal therapies to treat cancer has increased dramatically. Herbals and neutraceuticals augment the immune system and are of paramount importance in controlling the growth of a tumor. Many herbals actually block the replication of cancer cells. Certain vitamins cause tumor cell to rupture. Herbal treatments are specific to each type of cancer; therefore a biopsy is recommended prior to starting the cancer treatment regime. The treatment protocol is customized to your animal and the type of cancer that your pet has. The goal of utilizing herbal therapies either with or without chemotherapy is to address the cancer without making the patient sick, thus ensuring a good quality of life.