Holistic Examination and Consultation (with no additional treatment)
* Includes a thorough history including Chinese diagnostic questions, tongue and pulse diagnosis, individual element evaluation, nutrition evaluation, and consultation for future holistic treatments. At this time you may receive treatment plans for suggested holistic treatments with associated costs.
Holistic Exam, Consult, Initial Acupuncture Treatment$134.00
Holistic Exam, Consult, Initial Chiropractic/Spinal Motioning Treatment$118.50
Holistic Exam, Consult, Initial Acupuncture and Chiropractic/Spinal Motioning Treatment$154.50
Recheck Acupuncture Treatment$59.00
Recheck Chiropractic / Spinal Motioning Treatment$33.50
Recheck Acupuncture AND Chiropractic / Spinal Motioning Treatment$82.00

(Additional holistic treatment plans may be made upon request)