The procedure performed at Holistic Pet Care & Mountainview Animal Hospital is designed to be used for routine teeth cleaning and polishing in an effort to prevent major dental disease from starting and progressing. Just as you are not placed under a general anesthetic when you have your teeth cleaned by a hygienist, we do not feel it safe to anesthetize animals repeatedly solely to clean their teeth. The animal is gently restrained and trained to accept the procedure, and the results are excellent. The teeth and gums are carefully examined and visible debris is removed. The teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler and then polished. It also may be used on animals that have advanced heart and kidney disease that are too compromised for general anesthesia. As a veterinarian, I will make recommendations if our examination reveals problems that require a complete dental prophylaxis or dental surgery.

The Preventative Oral Exam and cleaning performed on your pet at Holistic Pet Care & Mountain View Animal Hospital is considered to be a Dental Cleaning procedure, and is not recognized to be a complete Dental Prophylaxis as determined by the American Veterinary Medical Association. A complete dental prophylaxis consists of radiographs of the roots of the teeth, and an extensive cleaning comprised of subgingival scraping and examination, as well as scaling and polishing of the teeth. This is performed under general anesthesia and may require full blood panels. Current veterinary protocol is for this procedure to be performed annually.