“Integrative Medicine” doesn’t refer to any particular therapy; it is more of a way of looking at your pet “in total.” In the broadest sense, it means that all of the symptoms are taken into account in your pet’s evaluation and treatment plan. This includes mental, physical and emotional symptoms. The entire symptom picture is recognized as inter-related, that is, the whole animal is considered.

At your first visit, our Holistic Veterinarians will want to get a complete history – medical, emotional and mental. Besides the usual questions on age, weight and vaccinations, be prepared to answer questions about your pet’s diet, temperament (shy or confident), how they are with other animals and people, their exercise routine and your pet’s habits. Since Integrative Medicine’s first priority is to help you enhance your pet’s wellness using a whole-body approach and is not limited to the current problem, your first examination includes consideration of many “big picture” aspects of your pet’s overall health and happiness and will take more time than you are probably used to. Expect the initial examination to take approximately 1 hour. It is recommended to come 15 minutes prior to appointment if a new patient, to fill out any new patient forms. You may also pre-print the form online to save time.