Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa: Chances are Melissa is the first person you will see when walking into MVAH. She is a ball of energy in a tiny package and might occasionally walk into a wall or door but Melissa can make any bad day a good day with her smile and infectious personality spend just 5 minutes with her and I guarantee that she will turn your frown upside down.

Meet Melissa

Q: What made you want to work with animals?

A: I actually went to school for architectural engineering and I honestly wasn’t happy doing that, so I got my first dog job back in 2007 and I just fell in love with working with animals.

Q: So you have been doing this since 2007?

A: Yes for about 12 years now, I haven’t noticed that it’s been that long because it doesn’t feel like it’s been 12 years but yeah it has been 12 years.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: I really enjoy meeting new people and being able to help them and their pets, and the best part about this job is puppy kisses and kitten cuddles.

Q: What’s a typical day for you?

A: A typical day is answering the phone, answering questions, scheduling appointments, checking clients in and out and more animal cuddles.

Q: Do you have a favorite animal that comes in?

A: (laughs) I’m not comfortable answering that question, I have one but I’m not going to tell it’s a secret.

Q: Tell me anything about you?

A: I’ve recently started getting into ant keeping, and a lot of people think that means that I like bugs but I’m actually afraid of spiders and I’m extremely afraid of moths and butterflies they are creepy.

Q: Can you tell me more about ant keeping?

A: I have 3 camponotus species queen ants right now, I haven’t definitively identified their sub species but they should start laying eggs soon and hopefully we will have some workers before it comes time to hibernate them.

Q: Ants hibernate?

A: Yeah you have to put them in your fridge in something small to carry them in no larger than 3 inches by 3 inches and then they get really sleepy and will sleep until the springtime and my husband is not thrilled about it.

Q: If you could have any kind of pet what would you get?

A: I’d totally love a giraffe and I would name him Raymond.

Q: If you could be any animal what would you be?

A: I’d probably be a jellyfish, because certain species of jellyfish are basically immortal and because they are blobby and cute and some of them sting, and I feel like (laughs) that sort of me I’m blobby and cute and sometimes I sting.

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