Ozone is nature’s way of detoxifying and purifying the environment. Negatively charged ozone is naturally attracted to positively charged pollutants and when the two meet, ozone wins the battle. Ozone is such a powerful detoxifier that since World War II, ozonation has become the primary method to assure clean water in Switzerland, West Germany and France with the U.S. unfortunately lagging behind in this safe form of water treatment. It has been said that ozone is thousands of times faster and more effective than chlorine at killing bacteria, molds, cysts and inactivating virus, yeasts and protozoa, while providing a purity and safety not achievable with traditional water treatment chemicals.

Ozone is one of the top oxidizers and has been used in Human Medicine and Veterinary Medicine to treat a variety of health conditions for many years.

Effects of Ozone Therapy and Cancer

  • Destruction of cancer producing pathogens
  • Oxidative destruction of xenoestrogens and other carcinogens
  • Increasing levels of immune stimulating and cancer fighting cytokines
  • Increasing levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD)
  • Increasing white blood cell activity
  • Decreasing lactic acid levels preventing its conversion back in to glucose through gluconogenesis
  • Direct destruction of cancer cells through an overload of peroxide within the cancerous cells

Advantages of Ozone Therapy and Cancer

  • Cancerous cells cannot build up a tolerance to ozone (helpful when targeting metastasized cells that can potentially migrate in to the brain or bone where they are hard to treat with traditional methods)
  • Ozone therapy cannot cause the spread of cancer cells like biopsies and radiation therapy can
  • Ozone therapy is not carcinogenic or immune suppressing like radiation therapy and chemotherapy
  • Ozone stimulates the immune system & the healing of damaged tissues
  • Ozone therapy is cost effective compared to other therapies