Dr. Dean Morgan

While all our doctors are qualified for general soft tissue procedures, advanced surgeries and orthopedics (bone) are performed by Dr. Dean Morgan, our Board Certified Large Animal Surgeon, who also practices small animal medicine. Our team commonly performs procedures such as spays, neuters, scrotal ablations, gastropexy’s, urinary bladder stone removal, foreign body removals, C-sections, and splenectomy’s to name a few. Our orthopedic procedures include anterior cruciate repairs (TPLO, extra-capsular and tight rope), bone fractures, luxating knee caps and much more.

Just like humans, dogs require post-surgical care upon discharge from their surgery from weeks 1-12. This care includes restricted activity, follow up radiographs, and physical therapy exercises. We offer Youtube videos to help you perform these exercises with your pet, however, if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your pet’s recovery, please give us a call at 775-853-6900.