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  • You know you chose the right place when your dog is happy 😊

    brittney johnson Avatar
    brittney johnson
  • We had a very positive experience. My dog is in much less pain after just one treatment. The chiropractic and acupuncture helped him much more effectively than drugs ever did. Everyone was very nice and professional, and they spent a lot of time with my dog. He's a little reactive and I was concerned but it went really well.

    Gin Freeman Avatar
    Gin Freeman
  • Bounce and Sarah are very comfortable with the staff and always enjoy their stay in the kennel. Everyone is caring, polite and professional. Everything was wonderful. I love the little cabins...

    carol sturgeon Avatar
    carol sturgeon
  • Mountain View Animal Hospital is great. The team is friendly as well as the doctors. The team is very knowledgeable and so great with my little boy. He had to go there when I was out of town and the doctor communicated everything with me while I was gone. They gave my sister all of the meds and info from the appointment and took care of my dog just as if I were there. I will continue to go to this great place! Oh and did I mention it’s on 3 beautiful acres? 😍

    Brianne Spiersch Avatar
    Brianne Spiersch
  • Everything went well considering it was an urgent care appt. Within a short period of time it was obvious my cat was better & continuing to improve. He & I were both breathing easier. I'm grateful that they were able to work him in especially since they're short handed as many businesses are yet I never felt rushed or uninformed.

    Leslie Bales Avatar
    Leslie Bales
  • Best veterinary hospital!

    Chantil Cripps Avatar
    Chantil Cripps
  • Sadie had an appointment for gold beads insertion, we thought our appointment was at 2:00, they kindly called and said nope, 1:00. We raced over and were met with kindness and compassion. Sadie was treated with care and even got her nails trimmed! Everyone in the office has always been the best, we are so glad we found Mountain View Animal Hospital.

    Lanie Somers Avatar
    Lanie Somers
  • Amazing staff. Very caring and understanding πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•. My pup loved each and everyone of the staff and was always happy to visit. I felt very safe with my girl in their hands

    Melissa Horvath Avatar
    Melissa Horvath
  • They are great! I have always had wonderful experiences with them. Very caring and detailed. Amazing doctors and staff.

    Cindy Preimsberg Avatar
    Cindy Preimsberg
  • Called on a Friday to try to get an appointment for "urgent" vaccination appointment because of a potential exposure of my furry teen puppy. They were fully booked and couldn't get us in until Monday morning. After hearing our story and our concerns, they suggested we come in the next morning (Saturday) before a certain time as an "urgent walk-in" and they would see us in between appointments as best they could, warning that it could be a wait depending upon how busy they were. In total, we were there for a couple hours but they were fantastic! Dr. Hill and staff were great with my furbaby and his hooman mommy! Obtained important information on our behalf and got him all taken care of! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mountain View Animal Hospital to anyone! It isn't the closest vet to us but they are worth the drive!

    Tricia Petersen Avatar
    Tricia Petersen

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All Inclusive Healing Center in One Convenient Location

Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care offers our clients all options at their fingertips in one, convenient location.

We provide preventative medicine, dental surgery, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, preventative non-anesthetized teeth cleanings, therapy laser, acupuncture, spinal motioning / chiropractic, herbals, ozone and prolozone therapy. We also accept direct referrals from other animal hospitals / your primary veterinarian(s) for specifically complimentary / alternative medicine. In addition, our three acre property offers abundant space for play in our daycare / boarding cabins and enjoy our spa services offered by our groomer.


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