A Natural Approach

If making an appointment with our Holistic Pet Care center, it is assumed that you want to maintain a natural approach to your pet’s general health and/or discuss holistic treatment options for a current medical concern. If requesting an appointment regarding a current health concern or illness, we request your pet receive a western examination and diagnosis (skin scrape, biopsy, radiographs, etc) prior to your holistic appointment. Please note that a holistic examination and treatment is not a substitute for a diagnosis utilizing modern diagnostics (skin scraps, biopsy, radiographs, etc). We recognize diagnostics medically necessary for a proper diagnosis cannot always be performed by the owner, but please note this may also hinder what we recommend for holistic treatment. We always offer second opinions and will always give holistic treatment options, despite what diagnostics have been performed. If additional modern diagnostics are to be necessary, they may need to be performed on the next appointment or with your general veterinarian.

Holistic Services

As an alternative pet therapy Hospital, we pride ourselves on offering both Western and Eastern therapies. Each of our treatments is customized depending on your pets’ needs or injuries. We strive to provide a balanced approach to animal care that achieves maximum healing. Natural techniques can be used with traditional Western medical therapies to obtain the best solution for your pets’ discomfort. Our treatments include:



Herbal Therapy

Prolozone Therapy

Gold Bead Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Canine Massage