Did you know that dogs and cats get breast, or mammary, cancer too? Mammary cancer is actually the most common tumor in female dogs and the third most common tumor in female cats. In intact female dogs, the risk of mammary tumor development is 26 percent. This is three times the risk of breast tumors in women.

How is it detected?

When you are petting your pets, it’s always good to be aware of any lumps of bumps that you may feel. Remember that dogs and cats have multiple “breasts,” or mammary glands that lie over the abdominal muscles.

How to prevent it?

Prevention is always the best medicine. If a dog is spayed before her first heat cycle, her risk of breast cancer is reduced to less than 1 percent. Prior to her second heat cycle, her risk is still only 8 percent. After the second heat cycle, there is no significant impact on her risk by spaying. There are similar benefits to spaying cats early. Dogs will experience their first heat cycles when they reach puberty, which is usually around the age of six months but will vary depending on breed.

Mountain View Animal Hospital and Holistic Pet Care offers integrative options to make spaying your pet as safe as possible including laser and ozone therapy! You may also ask about herbal pain options. If you are worried to spay your pet too early because of musculoskeletal concerns outweighing the risks of breast cancer, please schedule a consult with one of our integrative veterinarian for an individual assessment!

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