After nearly five decades characterized by empiricism and several pitfalls, some of the basic mechanisms of action of ozone in pulmonary toxicology and in veterinary medicine have been clarified.

We now understand that prolonged inhalation of ozone can be very dangerous first for the lungs and successively for the whole organism. However, in veterinary medicine we use calibrated rectal infusion of ozone at Mountain View Animal Hospital. In this manner, the transferring of the ozone messengers to billions of cells will generate a therapeutic effect.

Therefore, in spite of a common prejudice, single ozone doses can be therapeutically used in selected pet diseases without any toxicity or side effects. Moreover, the versatility and amplitude of beneficial effect of ozone applications have become evident in orthopedics, cutaneous, and mucosal infections as well as in our dental procedures.

Dr. Sarah Kalivoda
Mountain View Animal Hospital & Holistic Pet Care
Reno, Nevada